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We offer an easy, effective and interesting diet and lifestyle intervention program to bring sustainable changes in you, thereby targeting complete wellness.

"NUTRISHILP programs have successfully helped prevent and reverse chronic health concerns such as Diabetes, PCOD, IBS, Fatty Liver ,Obesity, and High Cholesterol. The firm is also one of the pioneer FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE practitioner nutrition firms in India."

NUTRISHILP is the one stop for all your healthy diet concerns.

  • Addressing the root causes: Since most health problems arise due to certain disbalances-- rooting in the body-- our programs target these root causes to fight the health problems and restore the healthy balance.
  • Bringing in a complete transformation: At NUTRISHILP, we don't address health concerns by making temporary changes. Instead, we help in bringing complete transformation in habits and attitudes.
  • Making healthy living interesting: Yes, you read it right. At NUTRISHILP, we design tasty healthy recipes to make your healthy living journey interesting and delicious.
  • Innovating wellness support: NUTRISHILP leads a cutting-edge technical wellness support system where you can track your health progress to stay motivated throughout the program and beyond.

About Shilpi

Shilpi is the founder of 'Nutrishilp'. With this firm, she aims at blending the traditional food culture with modern nutritional science to assist people achieve a healthy body and mind.

Shilpi is a weight management specialist who is passionate about helping people develop a strong positive bond with food. Her biggest skill lies in significantly influencing people through her counseling to attain wellness.

"She is someone who is blessed with great motivational skills that can lead people to attain a wellness lifestyle."

  • Women Nutritionist of the Year 2023, Indian Iron Lady Award: MTV INDIA
  • Successfully Completed Leadership Development Programme: IIM Raipur, 2024
  • Qualified & experienced (M.Sc. Foods & Nutrition, Dietetics)- Gold Medalist
  • Successfully completed a course on Functional Medicine (IFMCP) by the Institute of Functional Medicine, USA in 2021
  • Convener at the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) Chhattisgarh from 2019- 2021
  • Consultant Dietitian: Apollo Clinics, Raipur
  • On the Expert panel at Yeh Hai India
  • 15+ years of experience. 1000+ success stories
  • Transforming lifestyles across the globe
  • Central India’s most trusted Dietitian & Lifestyle coach
  • Recipient of National Nutrition Awards By NNHSA 2022
  • Awarded The Title of Health & Wellbeing Ambassador By IHW Council India
  • Guest Speaker At IIM Raipur India
  • National Health Award 2022 by Nutrition & Natural Health Science Association (NNHSA)
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"NUTRISHILP focuses on identifying health and diet concerns and fixing them from their root causes."


Run by the best

NUTRISHILP is a team of experienced and knowledgeable talents who are pros at health and diet counselling.

Led by the Expert

Shilpi Goel comes with the most sought-after work and research experience in Nutrition and Wellness.

Personalised Programs

At NUTRISHILP, you will get the most flexible and personalised nutrition and diet consultations. Our programs are based on personal health data study–creating a tailored program for everyone’s health.

Effective & Easy Client Services

We create simplified and effective client journeys so that anyone and everyone can follow our programs.

We have
  • Client support system
  • Permanent health solutions




With a vision of inspiring people to lead a healthy lifestyle, we are a team of go getters. Meet us here :)

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Center Head

Uparna Nag

HR Manager & Creative Designer

Manju Nirmalkar


Jaishree Nirmalkar

Executive - Operations

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Sales Executive

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Data Entry Operator



Here’s a list of our programs to assist you in reaching your health goals.

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