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  • Pregnant women
  • Would be Mothers
  • New Moms

Pregnancy & Post Delivery Diet

Pregnancy is a miracle. It brings a whole human being from another human, that too from a single cell. If that is not magic, we don't know what is.

However, this magic requires the pregnant mom to go through tremendous bodily changes during and after the pregnancy. Thus it is imperative that every pregnant woman follows the right diet plan so that she gets all the needed nutrition. But it is not just about nutrition only. A pregnant woman needs to have an active, stress-free lifestyle to give the best to the baby as well as herself.



  • Pregnant women looking for guidance during the pregnancy
  • Women going through their post-pregnancy period
  • Father-to-be who wants to support their pregnant wife
  • Caretaker/Family members who wants guidance
  • Will help you be understanding pregnancy and motherhood spiritually
  • Unfold the common myths related to pregnancy and lactation
  • Tailored diet charts as per the stage of pregnancy and lactation
  • Mental and moral support and guidance for the moms and the moms to be
  • Healthy recipe videos for sustainable diet changes


At NUTRISHILP, we follow tailored diet plans for every mother who requires a customized diet plan. We study the pregnancy conditions, and the mother's pre-existing health conditions to carve the best nutrition-based diet and lifestyle programs.

  • Our pregnancy program will help in
  • Managing weight throughout this life-changing experience
  • Meeting the much-required nutritional demands
  • Understanding the role of a father-to-be with exclusive sessions

In our postnatal program, you will be guided on different aspects to come back to your old self. With the right nutrition and proper lifestyle activities, you can not just come back to your pre-pregnancy weight but also have a better life approach. Our program will guide you to fight all the stress-related issues with nutrition and style of living.


Our postnatal program will help in

  • Gaining all the nutritional requirements of the mother
  • Guiding you during your breastfeeding journey
  • Solving issues related to breastfeeding
  • Mentoring the caretaker (mother-in-law/any family member)


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