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Although people want to follow a healthy diet, they end up going out and trying different places. Because, let's face it, we can't keep eating the same food at home. However, this doesn't mean you can't eat healthy food outside. With guided menus, restaurants can provide healthy and tasty food choices for the ones who don’t want to go off the healthy road.

In fact, people’s demand for healthy food has increased due to the rising awareness about health. They are even ready to pay extra bucks for their healthy food. Thus it is the best time to reshape restaurant menus to include healthy and tasty food choices. A healthy food wing will not only add an advantage for the restaurant but will also help you retain your loyal customers.



  • Restaurants who want to include healthy food segment
  • Home delivery joints who want to include healthy food choices for their customers



At NUTRISHILP, we have tied up with several restaurants to come up with a healthy food segment for restaurant menus. This includes food choices that include not just all the healthy constituents but also taste incredible. These food options are created to fulfill the need of everyone's urge to go outside and eat tasty food without living under the guilt of eating unhealthy food.

Our healthy food segment is a great choice to ditch the mundane diet plans and try something tasty, innovative as well as nutrient-driven. It is our way of extending a healthy restaurant menu to never let you compromise on your health.

Program features :

  • Collaborate with restaurants and guide them with healthy and tasty recipes.
  • We share suggested recipe videos to help restaurants maintain their innovative healthy food segment.
  • We guide them with the details of the nutrition information of the recipes.
  • We also share recipes that focus on weight loss, diabetes, and PCOD friendly.
  • Our recipes are designed to not just keep up your health but also fulfill your taste buds.


"Eat right, bite by bite"

Our HEALTH MENU CONSULTANT for School is our aim to provide healthy choices for kids in residential schools. Since these kids spend most of their time and even eat the majority of their meals in school, as an institution you can promote healthy living through healthy diet plans.

At NUTRISHILP, we create healthy diet menus for such schools to provide healthy lifestyle choices for their students as well as staff members. So what are you waiting for? Enroll your school for our healthy menus because healthy students have the brightest minds.



  • Residential schools who provide meals to students.
  • Day care centers who run canteens for students.



At NUTRISHILP, we give dietary consultations to residential /day boarding schools that take care of at least 3/4th of their students' day’s total dietary requirements. These schools carry a great responsibility in not just providing the right education but also helping the kids with the right meal plans. And as the kids spend a majority of their time in their schools, following a healthy diet at school will help these kids form long-term healthy habits.

Our dieticians will guide and create cyclic and periodic diet plans that will help not just the students but also the teachers and the staff members to eat and live healthily. our diet plans will also be periodically assessed and changed to conform to the seasonal food choices.

Program features :

  • We provide variety in the food menu to keep the diet plans interesting and tasty.
  • We plan the school diet plans as per the taste and liking of the clients.
  • Our menus are set in such a way that health is taken care of without compromising on taste.
  • We focus on creating balanced menus that include all the essential nutrients in a specified quantity.
  • Our menus are seasonal and appealing to kids so that they are not bored of the food.
  • We offer healthy, tasty, and innovative recipes to add variety to the menu.
  • We also guide on how to keep up the kitchen hygiene and taste supervision.


Our HEALTH MENU CONSULTANT for Canteens is the perfect way for you to incorporate healthy food for your staff and employees. We will guide you to create healthy recipes for daily meals as well as help you with healthy snack options to keep your workplace fit and fabulous.


  • Corporates who provide meals for their employees.
  • Hospitals that run in-house canteens.
  • Offices that require canteen guidance
  • Catering organizations who want to provide healthy food options



At NUTRISHILP, we give dietary consultations to corporates, hospitals and any organization that is providing meal facilities to their employees and staff. Our dietary plans revolve around working people who require intermittent healthy food such as snacks and meals to live a healthy working life.

Our dieticians will guide and create cyclic and periodic diet plans that will help organizations create a healthy living amenity for their employees--which is a major perk in hiring and retaining talents. Our diet plans will also be periodically assessed and changed to conform to the seasonal food choices so that people are never bored of the food.

Program features :

  • We provide consultation to balance existing menus.
  • We offer a complete, detailed nutrient analysis of the menu cycle.
  • Our program also focuses on identifying the gaps in nutrition and working with a private caterer to modify current recipes or develop new recipes.
  • We offer new healthy, tasty and easy to prepare food choices with the best hygiene checks


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