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Seminars and workshops are incredibly important tools to reach out, connect, and extend your voice to people. These are the ideal platforms to motivate and inspire people with your idea. So, if you are looking for an ideal person or a team to guide and mentor your employees, staff and other members about health and healthy eating--NUTRISHILP is your one-stop solution.


  • Corporates who want to infuse a healthy living attitude among their employees
  • Organizations who want their menmbers/staff/employees to gain knowledge on healthy diet choices



Shilpi Goel, the spearhead of NUTRISHILP is an excellent motivational speaker who has conducted many seminars and workshops on healthy eating and health-conscious lifestyles. She has also been a TEDx speaker who has provided excellent healthy counselling to her followers through public speaking.

You can invite Shilpi and her NUTRISHILP team to provide a workshop or seminar to guide and mentor your employees into healthy living. The seminars would be an impactful step for your employees to understand the different facets of natural healthy living. They will be inspired and motivated to adopt lifestyle choices that will help them lead a healthy person as well as a work life.

Paid Workshop Community Outreach

Our paid workshops come with end-to-end health seminars led by NUTRISHILP's founder, Shilpi Goel, and her team. Through these paid workshops you can add healthy coaching discussions for your employees and staff to help them unlock healthy diet plans and lifestyles. Our workshop will cater wellness knowledge to inspire, motivate, and guide your employees in their healthy living journey. These are fully paid workshops where your company/organization will bear the cost of NUTRISHILP's seminar expenses. This includes travelling, lodging, eating, etc. of NUTRIHILP's entire team.


Suggested Topics

  • Power of the right diet
  • Weight gain & alarm
  • Weight loss secret
  • Weight loss myths
  • Stay healthy, stay energetic
  • Say HI five to health

Suggested Topics

  • Be your dietitian
  • How to count Calories
  • Step by step meal planning


Suggested Topics

  • Consumer awareness
  • Grocery food shopping guide
  • Reading nutrition label


Suggested Topics

  • Salad Workshop
  • Soup
  • Health Tiffin recipe
  • Mom's guide to meal makeover


Here we conduct unpaid workshops and events to guide and mentor employees of non-profitable organizations or voluntary groups. However, please note that the organizations will have to bear the travelling and living costs of NUTRISHILP's team for such social seminars/workshops/events.



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