We often get asked a lot of questions pertaining to diet from clients. Especially about being able to follow a diet or the diet plans being costly. However, we assure you that following our diet plan, you can go a long way in improving not just your, but also your family's health.

Habit modification and lifestyle transformation takes atleast 2 months. But we do offer one time consultation services where you can get an idea for a diet chart. You can then chose to pursue the full package, or start with our basic 2 months plan.

Obesity might be in your genes but is not necessary that ypu become obese because of it. Your lifestyle and food choices trigger how you gain or lose weight.

Yes, you can lose weight without exercising. Diet constitutes 80% of our weight gain and maintining a proper diet can go a long way in ensuring how you maintain your weight. This is expecially for people who are on bedrest or are specially abled.

Yes, you can choose an online consultation with nutrishilp and get information on what is right for you. We help a lot of overseas clients on developing a dietchart.

Support, consultation and dietchart are included in your package cost. However, we do not include any product in the package cost.

Fill the form given in "Get Started" and Submit it. We will get back to you and help you to select the programme which is best suitable for you.

Firstly, the tools and tactics followed by Shilpi to inspire and motivate people to take desired action is unique. Secondly, we follow balanced diet approach so we target complete wellness. Fat loss is just a by product.

The preference is on natural diet approach, however if an individual is not able to take certain foods then the option of supplement is considered.

Yes, Our Programmes are designed in such a way that you are able to overcome your past habits and acquire new skills and options to lead a healthy life.

We educate and equip you with all the knowledge on how to choose your food wisely and maintain your health on the go.
No, we ensure quality of service irrespective of the mode of consultation.

It's not only about the quantity of your food but many other factors contribute towards your weight gain. We guide you appropriately and help correcting those factors.