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  • Toddlers
  • Overweight
  • Underweight
  • Picky/Fussy Eaters


"Food fuels every child's growth and development"

We must know that habits formed in early age tend to stay with us for life. Thus parents can have the maximum influence on a child’s eating behavior and pattern--which will guide them for their entire life. Childhood of your kids, therefore, is the best time to form their healthy relationship with food. For this, every parent needs the proper knowledge and awareness to mentor their kids' healthy living.

NUTRISHILP's Kids' Diet plan is a specially formulated program to help parents and their little ones to lead a healthy life. In this modern age, our kids have adopted sedentary lifestyles with all the screen time and gadgets. Thus it has become essential to guide our kids with proper diet plans to not just give them the much-needed nutrients but also help them follow a healthy lifestyle that would help them throughout their adulthood.

At NUTRISHILP, we design the best-personalized kids’ diet and lifestyle plans to transform their sedentary lives into healthy and active ones. After all, healthy kids turn into healthy adults.

  • Making healthy eating a fun experience for the kids
  • Replacing kids' junk food and unhealthy habits with healthy alternatives
  • Guiding every kid with customized child-friendly and fun food plan
  • Empowering parents and kids with food knowledge for sustainable health
  • Preparing interesting healthy food recipes to keep kids motivated


  • Kids who are obese or underweight due to faulty diet and lifestyles
  • Ones who are facing a tough time gaining or losing weight
  • Kids who lack proper nutrition in their diet or facing any health issue
  • The ones who have had unhealthy junk food for a long time



"Healthy kids become healthy adults". Thus at NUTRISHILP, we counsel, guide, and motivate the kids to not just eat healthy now but also adopt a healthy lifestyle diet that’d sustain even throughout their life.

We follow a personalized and tailored diet approach. It involves a thorough understanding of every kid's health conditions, and lifestyle habits to come up with a suitable nutrient-based diet plan to prevent, manage, and address the root causes of their health conditions. The ultimate goal of our kids' diet plans is to include all the required food and nutrients to lead a happy life. Plus mentoring these kids with suitable workout and game ideas to stay active. We also prepare our kids' diet plans keeping every kid's likes and dislikes in mind. We know how difficult it can be for a kid to follow a restrictive diet chart. This is why we plan their diets as per their favourite foods with a twist of healthy recipes to make their journey of healthy growth fun and interesting.


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