Corporate Wellness Program

The biggest resource in any workplace is Human Resources. Thus, it is imperative to have a healthy workforce because employees' health directly impacts their work. This is why Corporate Wellness is turning out to be a popular program. With Corporate Wellness we can provide a healthy work lifestyle to a company's workforce--guiding them to lead a wellness-oriented lifestyle in and outside work.


Employees spend almost 1/3rd of their time at work. This indicates that wellness cannot be just a personal step. It has to be a lifestyle choice in and outside of work. At NUTRISHILP, we have designed the ultimate wellness program where companies can form a healthy wellness ecosystem for their employees.

We offer nutrition counselling, lifestyle changes, and fitness tracking for employees to keep them healthy and happy at work. Our program also comes with regular sessions to keep the employees motivated toward healthy living.

This program is particularly essential as workplaces can get stressful and productivity-driven. This can be overwhelming for employees which may affect them and their work. Thus the program will help every employee be healthy body-wise as well as mind-wise with our set of healthy living hacks and tactics.

We offer nutritious diet plans and long-term healthy lifestyle tips that can help the employees lead a prosperous work life.

  • Counsel and track employees' health
  • Reduces absenteeism by improving the workforce's overall health
  • Help achieve higher employee productivity and efficiency
  • Create a positive impression about the company's profile

Why Should Companies Invest In Employee Wellness?

  • Investing in employees' wellness is a part of the overall development of employees
  • A healthy diet and lifestyle changes can improve employees' health and hence their productivity
  • It is smart to invest in your employees' health because it can reduce the financial burden of the workplace in terms of healthcare, absenteeism, and low productivity
  • Investing in employees' health is an amenity for employees--this will ultimately help you retain your employees as well as attract the best talents


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