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  • Whether you just want to lose that extra fat on your tummy or want naturally charming and glowing skin for your special day, this program is for you.

Pre-Wedding Diet with NUTRISHILP

“We will help you take care of your skin and hair to look perfect and healthy on your special day with natural food choices and easy doable lifestyle changes. We know wedding brings a lot of challenges, but NUTRISHILP will take care of your health and look while you triumph all those challenges.”

Pre-wedding diet is a plan that will focus on suitable food choices--ideal to help you maintain weight. It is a natural diet plan to help you lean and maintain sustainable body weight to get you in the right shape before your big day.

Unlike common pre-wedding diet plans, at NUTRISHILP, we focus on bringing the best nutrient-based food to help you not just cut down weight but gain proper nourishment. We do not involve any kind of harmful pills or alternatives to fast forward your weight loss. Instead, we follow a regulated diet plan that includes typical food choices to make the weight management process as natural as possible.


“We don't believe in starving to lose weight before your wedding. We believe in healthy eating to look and feel good on the most important day of your life.”

  • We will guide you on how to include nutrient-dense food in your diet.
  • We will guide you to make small changes that can have long-term health benefits
  • Our pre-wedding diet will be simple and doable so that you don’t feel like being on a "diet".
  • We will focus on making sustainable lifestyle changes and not just calorie counting
  • The program will also include healthy recipe videos to guide you.

Benefits of pre-wedding diet plan

  • Help you detoxify your system
  • Include all the essential nutrients
  • Refreshes your skin to glow naturally



  • A bride-to-be who wants a healthy/detoxing regime
  • A groom-to-be who wants to keep their weight in check



At NUTRISHILP, we understand the demanding schedule of a bride and groom. With all the arrangements, shopping, and last-minute hassles–keeping up with your body and health would not be easy. However, it’s your day, and you should look healthy and glowing. Thus we plan the pre-wedding diet keeping every bride and groom in mind. We prepare customized diet plans that are easy to follow, even during the wedding hustle. We include simple but effective food choices to help you feel fit and healthy from within. This will help you look and feel great on the outside.

Our diet plans will help you detoxify the system, improving your skin texture with the power of natural foods. Plus, they will also take care of your overall body and hair–to make you look naturally beautiful on your special day.

We do not at all include any harmful medicines to fast-forward weight loss. Instead, we plan on managing your weight with simple and approachable diet plans that won't make you feel restrictive in any way.

Besides the diet plans, we also offer nutrition and weight management counselling to bring in permanent and sustainable changes in your lifestyle. Our aim is to inspire you and plan a sustainable healthy weight management diet. Not just for the day, but the upcoming future too.


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