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Everybody has a biological clock. And the body tends to go under stress if we go against this biological clock. Working the night shift is somewhat going against your biological clock.Thus your body may feel stressed while adjusting to a new sleep cycle.

To help you manage this lifestyle you need a proper diet plan. Thus DIET IN NIGHT SHIFT is a tailored diet plan that focuses on including different nutrients that can help you manage this night shift lifestyle.



  • People who are working in night shift
  • People who need to work till late



Extended hours and night shifts are now quite popular. And although night shift jobs may give good career scope, the employees tend to put on higher risks of lifestyle disorders. This is because we are habituated to sleep at night and work during the day.

Hence the biological clock gets disrupted leading to unstable sleep patterns and a host of medical problems such as indigestion, back ache, etc. At NUTRISHILP, we create special diet plans that bring the much-needed nutrients to keep your body fit and suitable for night shifts.

  • You'll learn about food and how small changes can have long-term health benefits
  • You will not be on a restrictive diet. Thus you won't feel like being on a "diet".
  • Focus on nutrition as a sustainable lifestyle change to keep your energetic in your nightshift
  • Non-restrictive diet and lifestyle plans to bring sustainable health improvements
  • Healthy recipe videos to guide you to create your own diet plans


Our diet plans will give:

  • Right food choices to help you manage health despite night shifts
  • Fulfill your nutrient requirements to keep up your energy during night shift work
  • Help you follow right eating patterns to avoid/manage common health conditions that occur during night shifts
  • Guide you with the right lifestyle plan to keep you feel active and healthy


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