Corporate Wellness Programs

Employees spend majority time at the workplace and consume at least one major meal during working hours on a regular basis. Therefore it is a shared responsibility of the individual and the work place ecosystem to ensure nutritious food and healthy lifestyle for better health.

Investing in wellness as a part of the overall development of employees is the right ,smart, and sustainable for every workplace.

It is Right because healthy diet and lifestyle improves the well being and consequently the productivity of employees.

It is Smart because investing in the health of employees significantly reduces the financial burden of the workplace in terms of costs of health care, absenteeism and low productivity as a result of illness and poor health.

It is Sustainable because ultimately, investing in human resources makes the company or organization not only attractive to current but also to potential employees, thus improving profile and prestige of the company and inspiring  trust in the long run.

Key Features

  • Body composition analysis
  • Educating, inspiring and motivating them to maintain good health with proper diet and life style.
  • Healthy lunch suggestion for home Tiffin/cafeteria
  • Healthy snacking tips
  • Tools and Technology to track your progress
  • Managing stress at work for better health
  • Importance of exercise
  • Having proper intervals between meals
  • Ensuring good health of employees with balanced meal approach


Particular Price (INR)
One hour interactive workshop (group) 7000
Body composition analysis 200 per head
Individual diet counseling 500 per head