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This lovely, well-written book is concerned with creating impact and bring transformation in your life.

Chapter 1 Human body – A Miraculous Creation!

The human body is one exceptional masterpiece whose profound engineering could not be decoded till date. Even the best of science, the best of the technology, the best doctors and engineers could not copy this masterpiece.

Chapter 2Health: A holistic approach

When you buy a new machine, say a washing machine or a TV, how do you learn to operate it? By reading a user manual, right? "Then, why don't we use our user manual?"

Chapter 3 DIET

Diet surely has got to do with food, but there is a deeper meaning attached to this word. I believe, Diet is anything that goes in our body. It comprises food, water, air, thoughts, and sunlight.

Chapter 4 Magic of positive thinking

As human beings, we have the power to design our lives. 'Every single thought we think, and every single word we speak, is creating our lives.' It is as simple as that!

Chapter 5 Obesity: A result of subconscious programming

With the increasing rate of obesity, researchers worldwide have dug into the emotional cause of obesity. 'Low self-esteem' is cited as the leading root cause of obesity, leading to all other symptoms like low metabolism, sedentary lifestyle, wrong eating behavior, etc.

Chapter 6 Happiness – The complete health Package

Happiness is like a happy pill that cures all the ailments and diseases in the body. Just by practicing happy thoughts and feelings for 10 minutes a day for four days in a row, your immunoglobin A production increases by 50%.

Chapter 7 Conclusion

'Change begins when your comfort zone ends.' An aeroplane can fly high only when it travels with limited baggage. So, if you want to fly high in life, you need to drop off the unwanted baggage.

Things you will learn

How to improve yourself

Powerful tips & tricks

How to think positive

How to live a healthy lifestyle

Why the right diet is essential to your health

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This book is concerned with creating typography and is essential for professionals who regularly work for clients.


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This book is concerned with creating typography and is essential for professionals who regularly work for clients.

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Shilpi Goel, author of 'Take a Shill Pill' and founder, Nutrishilp

Shilpi Goel

Shilpi Goel is a Nutrition Expert, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Convener at The Indian Dietetics Association Chhattisgarh (2019-2021), Health & Wellness Speaker, and Author. She is the founder of Nutrishilp, which aims at blending the traditional food culture with modern nutritional science for a healthy body and mind. Her mission is to develop a medicine-free society.

Her core expertise lies in the management of metabolic diseases like obesity, PCOD, and thyroid issues.

A firm believer in the power of food, she has always been passionate about nutrition and its role in the prevention of illness.

She treats the whole system, not just the symptoms.

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This book is concerned with creating typography and is essential for professionals who regularly work for clients.

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